We’re open!

Christ Temple Church of Pittsburgh reopened Sunday, August 12, 2018!

Our services are as follows:

Sunday, Sunday School, 9 am, Worship/Celebration 10:30 am

Wednesday 6 p.m. Empowerment through the Word.

The ministry of Christ Temple Church goes beyond the walls of Christ Temple, into the community to strengthen and empower families.  Families are the foundation of the community and the church.  We feel a mandate, because of our experiences, to help families in every way possible.

In addition, the legacy of Christ Temple Church is based upon a family tradition of church. We know that a strong relationship with God will strengthen the family.  Therefore, we desire to build relationships with families in the community, to impart the word of the God and practical application of the Word that will changes lives.

We believe in a youth ministry and our focus will be to attract youth and their families.